Foundation erosion & repair

If your home or business location is starting to show signs of erosion (Empty space below your foundation). Its time to take care of this before the problem gets bigger and you start to have settlement or foundation damage.  Many of times these are smaller in nature repairs but waiting can cause major issues to

Screened room addition

We built this screened in room in pearl river located in St Tammany parish Louisiana. This room has a brick knee wall and all other items inside and out are maintenance free. This means no painting etc… This screened room also comes with insulated  ceiling and ceiling fans to keep it cool at all times.

House raising grant

We just completed lifting a house in Slidell, LA. Located in St Tammany parish. We finished right before Covid19. Many people don’t realize that there are still grants to have a house raised. Many are completely free and some you have to put up a percentage of the money.  This particular home has a slab

Commercial Projects

We have done commercial renovations and repairs in places such as the Ole Saint Bar & Restaurant in the Wyndham hotel located in the new Orleans French Quarter. We have even worked in the Superdome to complete an elevator remodel.

Home Remodeling & Repairs

We do ALL types of home remodeling & repairs. The first four pictures are a exterior remodel in the Marigny. We were contracted to remove the siding, clean out the walls, remove mold, spray foam into the walls, install a sub-siding, install house wrap install James Hardie board and paint. We had to custom make

Custom Projects

At A-1 Remodeling & Building if you have a custom project we can make it happen. We have installed 17 foot ceilings on home, Moved and raised homes or structures, moved people into a home, and many other things over the years. Large repairs and made dreams happen. You tell us what the problem is

Foam Jacking & Injection

The first picture is polyurethane foam jacking. This is where we inject closed cell slow rise polyurethane foam through a concrete slab and raise the slab. We raised the slab and the aluminum structure that was on the slab. The hole that we use to inject foam is 5/8 inch diameter. The second & third

Mold & Contaminant Removal

Pictures one through four is a kitchen vanity sink cabinet with mold. A small rodent had eaten through a pipe in the wall. This was literally a growing problem. Areas around your house like the third picture should be checked out by a licensed professional to make sure you do not have a hidden growing

Spray Foam Insulation

The first picture is of one of our team members installing closed cell spray foam insulation under a raised home. This was installed to create a vapor barrier to guard against moisture and insulate the sub-floor. We install all types of spray foam insulation, jacking foam and void fill foam. The second picture is open

Bathroom Before & Afters

This first bathroom remodeling is located in New Orleans. It had a large amount of rotten wood that need replacement due to the original bathroom was not installed properly. Since it had to be repaired the home owner took this time to remodel the bathroom and update it.We first replaced all rotten wood in the

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